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This policy is effective from February 5, 2020. Below you will find useful information regarding UNISTU’s way of collecting, storing and processing your personal information.  Our privacy policy seeks to inform you in the clearest possible way about the purposes of which we collect, store and process such information.


When you visit our website or contact us through e-mail or through online forms at our website or apply for a job at UNISTU, you automatically accept UNISTU’s privacy policy mentioned below. 


UNISTU is a Danish consulting firm, operating the website UNISTU can be contacted at UNISTU is hosted on the platform. is our provider of the online platform that allows us to connect with potential employees, customers and others that show interest in the activities of UNISTU. Your information may be stored through’s data storage, databases and general applications. stores your information on secure servers. UNISTU will use Microsoft Excel for storage and process of your information. The Excel-document is only accessible to the founder and CEO of UNISTU (Mikkel Pedersen) and is pass-word locked. 


At UNISTU we are committed to protect your privacy and we take the protection of your information very seriously. Therefore, we always treat your information with high level of professionalism and respect. 


We collect, store and process your information for 3 main purposes:

  • Recruitment of employees 

  • Employee Management

  • Website experience (for more information, readers are referred to our Cookies section) 


At UNISTU we have 3 different way of collection information about you. These include:

  • When you contact us directly through e-mail 

  • When you apply for a job at UNISTU through our application form at our website

  • When you visit our website (for more information, readers are referred to our Cookies section)


UNISTU only collects information about you that you have agreed to and provided. 



You are able to apply for a job at UNISTU through the application form at our website When you apply for a job at UNISTU, we kindly ask all applicants for the following information: 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • University-email

  • Phone number

  • If you are a student

  • If you are able to work in Copenhagen

  • Your current university

  • Your field of study

  • What best describes you

  • Your primary skills

  • Your key interests (optional)

  • Your description of yourself in your own words

  • Your preferred language of communication

  • LinkedIn profile URL (optional)

  • Upload CV (optional)


We collect the upper-mentioned information with the purpose of finding employees that we believe fits best within the culture of UNISTU. When you apply for a job at UNISTU, we will process your information to the extent necessary for handling your application.


If you are offered a job at UNISTU and accept the job, we may process your information again after the application process has ended (for more information, readers are referred to our Employee Management section).  


If you have applied for a job at UNISTU, but we unfortunately at the moment can’t offer you a position, UNISTU would like to continue processing your information after the application process of the specific job has ended. We would like to do this due to the fact that another position that fits your profile might be available in the future at UNISTU. 


If you don’t want UNISTU to keep your information after you have been rejected for a specific job, and don’t want UNISTU to contact you in the future regarding other jobs and positions at UNISTU, please let us know. Contact us at our e-mail mentioned above.


For more information about the time period for our storage of your information, please see the section “How long do we keep your information?”.


Employee Management:

If you have been offered and accepted a position at UNISTU, we make use of your information to the extent that is necessary for your functions as a colleague at UNISTU. We only process information that has been provided and agreeded by you. This includes information that you have provided to UNISTU in relation to your application. It also includes information that we have collected about you during interviews and one-and-one meetings that you have allowed us to store.

We need to process your information when we are in the process of creating teams that should solve business problems for our customers. At UNISTU, we seek to combine different skill sets and personalities. That is why we need to process your information when we are creating and evaluating the teams. 


We will also process your information before we have one-and-one meetings with you where we evaluate and talk about your experience and performance at UNISTU. 


How long do we keep your information?

If you have applied for a job at UNISTU, and are not offered a position, UNISTU will at a maximum of 1 year keep your information collected through the application form and other material you may have provided us with through e-mail. The same procedure is applicable if you are offered a position at UNISTU, but don’t accept to take the position. If you are offered a job and accept to take it, UNISTU will keep your information at a maximum of 5 years. 


We do not share your personal information

UNISTU will not share any of your personal information. Your information is only used by UNISTU, and UNISTU will never sell your information to third parties. 


Your rights regarding your privacy information 

You have some rights in relation to our processing of your information. If you want to make use of your rights, you will need to contact us at UNISTU strives to process your request as fast as possible. Following is your rights:

  • You have the right (in some cases) to see the information we process and store about you

  • You have the right (in some cases) to receive the information we process and store about you

  • You have the right to have changes made in incorrect information about you

  • You have the right (in some cases) to have your information deleted before the time of our ordinary deletion of your information

  • You have the right (in some cases) to suspend the processing of your information


Please note that UNISTU may ask you to provide valid ID in order to accept your request of using your rights described above. We may ask for valid ID in order to make sure that we are communicating with the right person. We will help you the best we can. 


If you would like to complain, we refer you to Datatilsynet:



Address: Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen

Phone number: + 45 33 19 32 00


Changes in Privacy Policy 

From time to time this policy may be amended. As our business change, our privacy policy must change as well. Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted and accessible on this site. Changes in our privacy policy can be made without further notice. If the changes we make in the privacy policy are of significance, we may provide you with a more direct notice by sending you an e-mail notification. We always recommend that you keep yourself updated on this site for new information regarding our privacy policy.



Cookie policy

Cookies is a small text file that is stored in your browser on your computer or mobile device. UNISTU uses cookies for the purpose of statistics regarding visitors' usage of our website. UNISTU uses Vistior Analytics as our analytics partner. 


Visitor Analytics is a simple website analytics service which measures the traffic and visitors' general details of our website. Collecting these statistics, we can make our website visitors' experience better (e.g. which pages they visit and when, where they are approximately located, where does a user land first or if they are coming from a specific referral).


Basically, as a website owner using Visitor Analytics, we are using cookies to collect data about our visitors' device type and screen size, approximate location, browser, OS, page visits, bounce rate, conversions and popular content on the website. All this data is pseudonymized and Visitor Analytics will never use the collected data to identify individual users or to match it with additional information on an individual user. Each visitor has control over the placement of cookies.

If you don't want cookies you can block for all cookies or delete your existing cookies on your device. 









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